CBCT D55 · FOV 14*10

Anode Voltage:

60~90 KV

Anode Current:

4~10 mA

FOV (H*W) :


Inherent Filtration:

2.5 mmAl

Focal Spot:

0.5 mm

Voxel Size:

0.25,0.2,0.1,0.075 mm

Scanning Posture:


X ray emission type:


Scanning Time:

≤15 s

Constructuring Time:

≤60 s

Gray Scale:

14 bit


1560(L) * 1960(W) * 1733~2283(H) mm

Recommend Installation Space:

1900(L) * 2100(W) * 2300(H) mm

CBCT D55 · FOV 14*10

Multifunctional Panoramic Imaging


D55 multi-function CBCT provides users with a variety of panoramic imaging modes, includ_x0002_ing standard mode, child mode, segment imaging, etc. to satisfy the imaging requirements of different jaw arch shapes and different examination part

Child Mode

Artificial Intelligence panoramic imaging: Automatic dental arch positioning based on artificial intelligence technology can improve the positioning accuracy of patients in panoramic imaging, improve image quality and avoid repeated inspections due to positioning errors

Segment Panoramic Imaging

Multifunctional Cephalometric Mode

5 Modes : PA, LAT, Waltz position, Caldwell position and Metacarpal

Different mode: Ceph, AP/PA and Carpal bone

Excellent Imaging

Hi-resolution mode (75 μm), it helps doing diagnosis in difficult endodontic cases

Removing metal artifact, makes image more clear and easy to make diagnosis

Big FOV 14DX10H, it almost fit all requirement for dentist, One-time scan can construct the image for mandibular, maxillar and TMJ

Implant Surgery Custom Plan

Neural Tube checking

-Find the relationship between neural tube and third molar

-Check the distance between neural tube and implant in case of the implant touch neural tube

Implantation Simulation

-DViewMartirx released new 3D implant simulation module, it can measure missing tooth’s width, height and bone density.

-Also it has implant libraries, put the characteristics of implant and planning a implant operation

Measurement for Bone Density

-Making a reference to implant

Orthodontic Custom Treatment Plan


-14 measure method plans

-Customized measure method

-Easy finding measure point

-Easy Operation

Analysis Trachea

Before the orthodontics treatment designed, we can analysis trachea. It can helps dentist to plan the orthodontic treatment for some special case like OSAS, OSAHS

Root Canal Mode


FOV 14*10 for both side in one examination

User Friendly Design, Face to Face Communication

Low dose mode (ALARA mode, Root canal mode, Child mode)

User friendly handrill and tray design, to ease patient