Our Story

Fussen Tech. is high-tech digital dental company, originating from Shenzhen China, with +400 employees, with 50% of the workforce in R&D.
With established in 2010, we have been dedicated to developing and providing dental digital intelligence and comprehensive solution to the whole dental healthcare market.
Simultaneously we have been developing CBCT, IOS, Imaging Plate Scanner, SaaS-clinic management system, Dental X-Dental digital intelligence platform.
And, we are committed to assist and impel the industry in realizing the digitalized management for dental diagnosis and treatment process.
Fussen Tech. utilize self-developed digitized imaging equipment and holistic clinic management system as the on-site digital terminal, using Dental X digital intelligence platform to empower the whole digital dental process for the dental industry.
By virtue of the three major internet giants flow approaches as well as convenient commercial and social insurance payment method, assisting and facilitating the industry to implement the dental treatment process being intelligent management, enhance the efficiency and effect of diagnosis and treatment, improve treatment process communication and experience, and developing the new generate consumption momentum.
With a firm commitment and vision to establish itself in variety dental market, and over time become a preferred imaging solution choice, for the dental clinic, that desires to go digital.
Fussen Tech. mission will always be further to assist and impel the dental industrial to be digitalized and being ecological chain, bringing customer simplicity, efficiency, reliability and profitability. construct the new business norm which is leading in the industry in terms of digitalization and intelligence.
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FUSSEN Digital Dental Intelligence

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  • Dentalink-SaaS commercial settlement platform


  • 3 supper network flow for customer approaches


  • Our Story

    Gain profound insights into the future and continue to move on

    • Upgrading the brand strategy of enterprise. 

    • Bring to market the innovation of Fussen Digital Dental. Intelligence and Value-added services.


    • 3 in 1 CBCT D55 launched in the market 30,000.

    • Intraoral Scanner  S6000  officially released.

    • Announce the new model Imaging Plate Scanner F220.

    • Active mainland users of Fussen Dentalink-SaaS topped 30,000. 


    • Obtain round C financing. 

    • Achieved strategic cooperation with internet giants such as Alihealth, AliPay, etc.

    • Dentalink-SaaS open online live streaming of training services.


    • The company continually obtained High-tech enterprise certificate. 

    • Fussen Dentalink-SaaS release DSO domestic management software version. 

    • CBCT sales ranking the top three and Imaging Plate Scanner sales ranking the top one in China. 

    • CBCT has been granted the  Australia TAG registration certificate. 

    • The Imaging equipment has been selling to a dozen countries such as United States of America, Germany, Australia, Japan, and so on.


    • Establish subsidiary in Germany. 

    • CBCT D50 (FOV. 15x15) successfully developed. 

    • Obtained the CE certificate. 

    • Imaging Plate Scanner model F200 has been officially launched in the market. 

    • Active mainland users of Fussen Dentalink-SaaS topped 10,000.


    • CBCT obtain NMPA certificate. 

    • Won the patent for invention of 3D effect display of image and system. 

    • Fussen Dentalink-SaaS release domestic management software professional version.  With the new version launched to the market, the clinic users are topped 26,000.  And the software can be satisfied the management needs of variety clinics.


    • Obtain round A financing. 

    • Granted the new high-tech enterprise certificate. 

    • The dental consumable online-shop system has been launched. 

    • Fussen Dentalink-SaaS clinic users has been over 6,000 which is 10% of total market share.


    • Dentalink-SaaS professional clinic management system 1.0 version released. 

    • Oral health data value added service launched. 

    • Have obtained the CMD ISO13485 certificate.


    • Prototype of CBCT 1.0 has been developed successfully.


    • Fussen Technology Co., Ltd. was established at Shenzhen, China.

    • Obtain pre-A financing. 

    • Core R&D team is established.

    Global Strategic Layout

    Penetration pland in United States of America, Germany, Belgium, Poland, Australia, New Zealand, Japan which over 40 countries