Dental X (“DX”) is a general technological platform which has been launched by FUSSEN Technology Co., Ltd. for dental healthcare industry.

It is an online platform which provides comprehensive digitalized solutions and a digitized “engine” which boosts the transition of oral health digitalization transition;

also it has been committed to exploring the possibility of dental therapy digitalization and intelligence, and further tapping the potential of the platform.

Dental X support to work on both Windows and macOS system, no software installation required but browser “google chrome”.

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Comprehensive solutions + Services

Clinical Requirements

Dental X

Clinical Products

Intelligence Imaging · Digitized Imaging Equipment

Support reviewing image on multiple mobile and PC device and being barrier free communication

Intelligence Imaging · Export on-air Studio/EOS

Online review patient files, Easy to make diagnosis and treatment therapy design
Telemedicine Consultation Online Training

Foreseeable therapy results
Highly efficient communication within patient, dentist and clinic

Intelligence Design

Improve the diagnosis and treatment procedures and increasing the efficiency

Shorten the diagnosis and treatment procedures Improve the communication between patients and clinics

Enhance diagnosis and treatment quality Maintain the medical safety
Implement Online Management of imaging equipment as well as effectiveness evaluation

Organized Central Intelligence (OCI)

Organized Central Intelligence for Area (OCIA)
AI auxiliary diagnosis and treatment program design

Empower the comfortability during dental diagnosis and treatment therapy implementation